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What Is Engineered Wood?

Engineered wood is manufactured in a factory with a high-quality top layer of wood attached to a ply layer of lower-quality wood. Our Engineered flooring has high-quality factory finishes and stains. Ply construction allows for sturdy broad boards that increase the impression of scale in open settings. Laminate and vinyl flooring are simply imitations of wood flooring.

Different Types Of Engineered Wood:

There are many different types of engineered wood that can be used for different areas:

  • Composite Board
  • Plywood
  • Cross-laminated Timber
  • Medium Density Fibreboard
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber
  • Oriented Strand Boards
  • Laminated Strand Lumber

Benefits Of Engineered Wood:

Engineered wood is environmentally friendly because it allows you to reach (or surpass) the density and strength of old-growth timber while using material from young trees. It also lowers waste since it uses all portions of the tree, even faults or bits left behind after dimensional lumber cutting. Because of its high density and layers of grain running in opposite directions, engineered wood can be stronger than dimensional timber.

Engineered beams are available in nearly any size—you may obtain larger members since they are made via composite rather than being cut from single trees. Some engineered wood is more resistant to warping and splitting than dimensional timber.

Engineered Wood In Comparison To Timber Flooring:

 Engineered WoodTimber Flooring
DurabilityNot as long-lasting as solid wood. The surface is thin and can be chipped or delaminated if used incorrectly.Very long-lasting
HardnessHDF is thick and hard, whereas MDF is medium-hard. The particleboard is delicate and not very long-lasting.Natural woods vary in hardness and softness as seen in nature.
SandingBecause the upper layer of engineered wood is thin, it can only be gently sanded and refinished once or twice.Solid wood may be sanded and polished indefinitely.
CostAffordable.It is expensive since it is actual wood from trees.

Four Star Flooring:

We offer engineered flooring comprised of both hardwood and plywood at 4 Star Flooring, making it a long-term choice for any house. The most notable advantage of this timber flooring is its ease of care and maintenance, as well as its low cost. With this choice, you won’t have to replace your flooring as frequently, and if there is any wear and tear after a few years of hard use, our staff may re-sand it multiple times. Engineered timber flooring may be laid in damp regions because of its multi-layer design, which avoids warping and bowing. At 4 Star Flooring, we recommend this option for anybody who uses their flooring frequently and needs a long-lasting, sturdy solution.

Contact our team now to learn more about engineered wood flooring and how it may benefit your house!