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Restoring St Hilda’s Anglican Church

Wellington’s premier flooring company, Four Star Flooring, has recently concluded an exquisite restoration and re-strengthening project at St Hilda’s Anglican Church in Island Bay, marking another significant achievement in their extensive portfolio of specialized flooring projects.

The project, aimed at rejuvenating the historic church, saw Four Star Flooring implement a sophisticated and high-quality approach to flooring, choosing Forte Flooring’s BORDEAUX feature oak for its durability and aesthetic appeal. This selection speaks volumes of Four Star Flooring’s commitment to providing the best solutions tailored to each unique space they work on.

The installation process was meticulously carried out by laying an acoustic rubber mat as a base, to enhance the comfort and sound insulation of the flooring. This was followed by the precise installation of the Forte timber flooring, showcasing Four Star Flooring’s dedication to precision and quality in every step of their work.

Forte Flooring, founded by James Piesse in 1985, has been a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the flooring industry. With a number of showrooms spread across the country, Forte Flooring has evolved its strategy numerous times, adapting to the changing market and consumer needs. While the Wellington showroom has closed, the bond between Four Star Flooring and Forte remains strong. Forte recognizes Four Star’s industry leadership and expertise, thus has entrusted them with a range of flooring options to showcase to clients.

Four Star Flooring’s extensive network and stellar reputation in the flooring industry afford their clients a significant advantage. Their ability to source a wide range of flooring options means that clients are not just limited to conventional choices but are offered a spectrum of high-quality materials and designs. This client-centric approach ensures that every flooring solution provided by Four Star is not only about aesthetics but also about functionality, durability, and personalization.

The completion of the St Hilda’s Anglican Church project is a testament to Four Star Flooring’s expertise and commitment to excellence. Their approach to every project goes beyond mere installation. It’s about understanding the history, architecture, and significance of the space and enhancing it in a way that respects its heritage while infusing modernity and quality.

The collaboration between Four Star Flooring and Forte Flooring exemplifies the strength of partnership in delivering exceptional outcomes. With Four Star’s industry acumen and Forte’s quality products, they are setting benchmarks in the flooring industry, making them the preferred choice for clients looking for reliability, variety, and excellence.

As Four Star Flooring continues to lead and innovate in the flooring industry, their projects like the one at St Hilda’s Anglican Church in Island Bay stand as a beacon of their craftsmanship and dedication. They are not just laying floors; they are laying the groundwork for spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional, ensuring that every step taken on these floors is a step in comfort and style.

Wellington can indeed be proud of housing such giants in the flooring industry, as they not only contribute to the aesthetic and functional improvement of spaces but also carry forward the city’s reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

Whether it’s a historic church or a modern residential space, Four Star Flooring is proving that with the right team and the right materials, any floor can be transformed into a masterpiece.

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