Whitewash & Blockout

Whitewashed floors & blockout floors – unique & stunning

Want something a bit different? Two options are whitewashed floors and blockout floors. Each has a unique look and can change the look of a room or home completely. Talk to 4 Star Flooring about whether whitewashed or blockout flooring is right for your home.

Whitewashed flooring – light, bright & charming

Whitewashed wooden floors creates a unique look and feel in any environment. While some may say this is predominantly a rustic, shabby chic, French Country or cottage finish, whitewashing can also be used in a modern environment to provide a light and bright feel.

If you are thinking about whitewash as an option for your floors, talk to the 4 Star Flooring team for more information.

Whitewash colour options

Whitewashing allows some wood grain and colour to show through, with the result being a soft, almost hazy white layer. This prevents the floor from having a sterile, too white look that painting a floor a solid white would have.

When contemplating floor whitewashing, remember there is more than just one white! – consider if you’re trying to create a cool white or a warm white as the whitewash can be slightly tinted to achieve either look.

Maintaining a whitewashed floor

To maintain a whitewashed floor, a couple of coats of polyurethane can protect your floor and ensure it’s just as easy to keep clean as any other type of flooring finish. Talk to us for more information.

Blockout flooring – solid colour adds the wow factor to any room

Blockout colour is a solid paint colour, usually white, but can be any colour. Blockout is just as it sounds – you can’t see the wood grain below but you can still see the texture of the wood sometimes. Blockout floors set a solid foundation to a room so are a strong basis for a designer with flair to build on.

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