Water-based Polyurethane Floor Coating

Water-based polyurethane finishes

For a non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution to enhancing and protecting your floors, talk to our team about natural oil floor finishes and water-based polyurethane finishes. These non-fume coatings will effectively protect your floors and give them a natural matte or semi-gloss finish.

Synteko Water-Based Floor Finishes

Excellence in Wood Floor Finishing Systems Since 1944

4 Star are Authorized applicators and suppliers in New Zealand of Synteko floor coatings. Synteko supports professionals treating wooden floors (finishing, oiling, maintenance). The brand is for the professional contractor who needs high­quality finishing products and appreciates easy handling, good durability, natural look of the wooden floor and stable product quality.

Synteko Nova Best

Synteko Nova Best


4 star is pleased to be able to be NZ Supplier of Synteko. Nova Best is a two-component, water-based, low-odour, non-yellowing polyurethane hardwood timber floor finish for use in high traffic commercial areas. Synteko Nova Best which is NMP-free is an environmentally friendly timber floor finish with extremely low VOC’s, yet is very hard and user friendly. In addition, it has an extended open coat time to facilitate application. This finish is highly desirable because it emphasizes the timber’s natural colour.

Synteko Nova Best is resistant to wear, scratching, scuffing, marking, and chemicals. It is, therefore, ideal for surfaces subjected to unusually heavy wear, provided adequate coatings are applied and sufficient curing has taken place.

Synteko Nova Best can be used on untreated, previously finished or pre-finished timber surfaces.

Synteko Nova Best comes in levels:

  • Matte
  • Extra Natural Matte
  • Satin
Hardwax Oil

Synteko Hardwax Oil


Forget these mono coats, one coat really won’t last in New Zealand conditions and the way we treat our floors. Synteko Hardwax Oil is the next generation in penetrating oil floor coatings. This can be applied to all timber floors, especially suitable for high-traffic areas. Excellent wear-resistance, thanks to its high solids (100%) content, giving it good grain filling properties. There is a maintenance soap that is available at 4 Star flooring and the hard wax oil will need a maintenance coat applied to it depending on your traffic, sunlight, etc which in high-use areas may need to be done every 14-18 months.

Synteko Hardwax Oil is a matte finish only, made from renewable raw materials, cobalt-free, and no solvents resulting in it being VOC free. In addition to its good water resistance properties, provided it is applied correctly, it meets the RlO classification. Another advantage is that this oil can be tinted with Synteko Tinting Paste.

Synteko Hardwax Oil is similar to Synteko’s other penetrating oils being a non-film building finish. When applying this type of finish the object is to “work” the product into the wood fibres and not allow it to sit on top. The most common mistake with applying this type of product is either too much oil is left on the timber surface or insufficient oil is applied and the timber grain is sanded too finely.

A distinct feature of the Synteko Hardwax Oil is that there is a micro layer of organic wax on the surface, that is not overtly visible to the naked eye.

Water-based polyurethane

Eco-friendly waterborne traffic-based polyurethane is a great option for anyone wanting a durable but more environmentally friendly flooring coating. It gives off less fumes during application, has a clear finish, is non-yellowing and has different sheen levels. A water-based polyurethane only takes 4 to 12 hours to dry.

Restoring polyurethane treated floors.

With a combination of floor sanding technology, along with decades of experience in the industry, our team have the expertise to take your polyurethane-coated floors, sand the coating away, and then apply a natural oil flooring finish or a water-based polyurethane finish.

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