Wood Floor Types

Different Wood Types Have Different Looks and Durability

There are countless wood types that you can select for your timber flooring that give a different look and have various life lengths. It is crucial that you choose an option that works well for your space and is the design you are looking for. 4 Star Flooring stocks and can install the following wood types for your timber flooring.



As one of the first timbers used for flooring, Matai is still a very popular option across New Zealand homes. With its hardness, wearing ability and dimensional stability, many select this premium native species for their rooms.

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New Zealand’s best known native timber is a popular option for flooring in many homes. With a wide range of shadings that offer a unique and distinctive look, Rimu timber floorings are the first choice for many.

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Victorian Ash

Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak - Aussie Oak

Our Australian neighbours have excellent wood types available for timber flooring. Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak give a modern and light look to any room in your home! Select this popular option for your homes today!

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American Ash

American White Oak

American White Oak is an excellent choice for large, regularly used rooms in your home. It’s versatile and provides a modern design with its different colours and grade options. Choose this cost-effective option for your next timber flooring upgrade!

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Kwila is a unique and exotic, darker coloured floorboard that will make your home stand out from the rest. Stemming from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea or the Solomon Islands, it is sure to give a modern design to any room in your house!

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Engineered timber flooring

Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered timber flooring won’t bust your budget but will give you a long-lasting and solid solution. Made from plywood and hardwood, these floorboards look the same as natural timber but provide a more versatile solution!

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Don’t Hesitate To Ask Our Knowledgeable Team

If you are still unsure about what wood type is the right one for your timber flooring, get in touch with the 4 Star Flooring team, who can help you select the ideal option for your situation. You can explore our range of wood types at our premises and see what design would look best in your home! So contact us today and renew your flooring with durable and beautiful timber options!