Rimu Flooring

Rimu is one of New Zealand’s best known native timber and a popular option as a timber floor in many character homes.


Ranging from a rich red-brown with a hint of golden yellow to a lighter brown tone with interesting shadings of colour and grain, it is an appealing choice for many. Not as dense as Matai, Rimu has still been widely used in New Zealand homes throughout the 20th century. The premium native wood gains real character with age giving your home a unique look. If you are looking for one of the country’s most recognised wood types, Rimu provides a distinctive and long-lasting option for any home.


Rimu at 4 Star Flooring

At 4 Star Flooring, we can sand and coat your Rimu flooring with moisture-cure poly and water-based poly to give you the exact shade and design you are going for. With a variety of colour options and small knots in a few areas, Rimu flooring will provide you with a unique and stand out look. 4 Star sources this type of wood sustainably and complies with all New Zealand requirements. We have several different sized and designed Rimu floorboards to choose from, offering an option for any home regardless of the area they want to cover.

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