Matai Floorboards

Matai has been used in New Zealand for many years as a native wood for timber floors.


It was one of the first timbers used for flooring when our houses were built in the 1800s. It is popular and an excellent option for high-end users with its hardness, wearing ability and dimensional stability. The colour of Matai is straw yellow to chestnut yellow with a slight reddish tinge. It darkens to a deep red-brown when exposed to air. Your Matai floors can be sanded and coated with the usual moisture cure poly or a water-based poly. As one of New Zealand’s finest and most premium native species, it can give a whole new life to your home.


Matai at 4 Star Flooring

At 4 Star Flooring, we have a range of sized and coloured Matai floorboards available to choose from. Being a true heritage timber of New Zealand, we see many of our customers selecting this option for their homes and enjoying its benefits of having a high degree of stability and low shrinkage factors. If you install Matai in your home, it is sure to last you for an extended amount of time. The team at 4 Star Flooring will sand and polish the wood once installed to optimise look and functionality!

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