Flooring Solutions - Hurford’s Flooring

4 Star Flooring emerges as a distinguished provider in the realm of flooring solutions, integrating the exemplary offerings of Hurford’s, a family-owned entity steeped in a century of expertise within the timber and panel product industry.

This collaboration brings forth an unparalleled spectrum of flooring services, including installation, sanding, and staining, underpinned by Hurford’s extensive knowledge and a global footprint that spans Australia, China, America, and France. This international presence enriches 4 Star Flooring’s capabilities, enabling access to a diverse range of high-quality Panel and Plywood, Decking, Timber and Engineered Flooring, and Joinery Timbers.

Hurford’s leadership in New Zealand as a wholesale distributor is complemented by 4 Star Flooring’s specialized focus on floor services, marrying Hurford’s broad product range with meticulous floor craftsmanship. This synergy ensures that every flooring project undertaken is backed by sustainability, durability, and excellence. With a showroom in Albany, Auckland, Hurford’s showcases its vast array of products, welcoming not only the general public but also architects, builders, developers, designers, and resellers, by appointment, to explore and select the perfect materials for their flooring needs.

The strategic location of Hurford’s distribution warehouse in Mt Maunganui further solidifies this partnership, offering seamless logistics and stock availability for 4 Star Flooring’s projects across New Zealand. The in-house team of dedicated professionals at Hurford’s extends invaluable support, providing technical advice, product support, and a wealth of resources including product samples, brochures, and technical specifications. This comprehensive approach ensures that 4 Star Flooring is well-equipped to deliver superior flooring solutions that reflect both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting quality.

This unique partnership between 4 Star Flooring and Hurford’s leverages the latter’s century-old legacy and global network to provide customers with an unmatched flooring experience. From the initial selection process in Hurford’s Albany showroom to the final touches applied by 4 Star Flooring’s skilled craftsmen, clients are assured of a flooring solution that embodies quality, sustainability, and beauty. The alliance promises to transform spaces with flooring that stands the test of time, backed by a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.