Flooring Solutions - Clix Laminate range by Floorscape

The partnership between 4 Star Flooring and the Clix Laminate range by Floorscape introduces a practical yet stylish flooring solution to the New Zealand market.

Manufactured in Europe, Clix Laminate offers a variety of options including the expansive Clix XL and the water-resistant Clix Plus, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

This range is distinguished by its durability, affordability, and the wood-like appearance that replicates the warmth and elegance of natural timber.

Integrating Clix Laminate into 4 Star Flooring’s offerings allows for the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective flooring solutions that do not sacrifice style for practicality.

With Clix Laminate, customers have access to a product that is both easy to maintain and environmentally conscious, ensuring a long-lasting, beautiful floor that aligns with 4 Star Flooring’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.