Kwila Floorboards

Kwila, also knowns as Merbau, is a tropical hardwood from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.


As a special and unique wood type, we see it in modern homes often. It is stable and hardwearing, ideal for timber flooring and being stained. With a mix of light and dark brown tones containing a light gold fleck that runs through the grain, it gives a special design to your home. If you are looking for a darker but still modern looking option for any room in your home, Kwila is an excellent exotic option that will set your home apart from others in the country.


Four Star Flooring supplies and installs Kwila in your homes and businesses
Our team supplies and install different sized and stained Kwila floorboards for homes across New Zealand. If you are unsure whether this flooring option is the right one for you, the team at 4 Star Flooring will explain its benefit and uses for you. With a wide range of colours and staining options available, this design will be an excellent choice for modern homes across the Wellington region. If you want to keep your rooms on the darker side or would like to tone down on the brightness, Kwila is the most exotic and unique option for you.

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