American White Oak Floorboards

American White Oak flooring


American White Oak is a classic option for your flooring. Being cost-effective, strong, hardwearing and stable, it is an excellent choice for homes where floors are being used heavily daily. With its colours ranging from light yellow and straw to light brown, it has several shades available and is a great candidate for staining. The timber comes in three grades: prime, feature and rustic, so you can even select the different types, amounts and sizes of knots in the design. As a cost-effective timber, this is an excellent choice for large floors that are used regularly.

American Ash

4 Star Flooring and American White Oak

We have all three grades available of American White Oak at 4 Star Flooring, so we will get you the exact design and look that you are going for. The team has seen an increase in these floorboard orders in recent years due to their modern appearance and relatively cheap buying cost. This wood type is a very versatile and robust timber, we have laid it in numerous lounges and common places in several houses. With its light colours, American White Oak is sure to make any room in your space come to life and get a new feel.

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